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Maison Kayser



'' Good bread doesn't lie, it says everything about the quality of the ingredient and the know-how of its creator. Being a good baker means making a little miracle everyday, transforming simple food, leaven, salt and flour into complex and varying flavour. That's my passion that i want to share it and introduce it to the other craftsman both in France and around the world.'' -Eric Kayser
The first time i read about Maison Kayser was from a magazine featuring the ramen place and Maison Kayser.. I never really had a chance to head down to try it..
On the first visit, it was the because of the aromatic smell of pastries that attracted me into Scotts Square which is where this bakery/cafe is located.
I have stayed in Copenhagen, Denmark for over a year and it was there that i ate quite alot of bread.. more bread that i would have ever eaten in Singapore..Bread are so different here in Singapore in comparison to those in Europe that i have tasted..
Its only after living in Copenhagen that i learned to appreciate good bread.. Bread with less sugar in it.. Words cannot describe.. Crispy and hard on the outside..
Soft and fluffy on the inside.. YUM!
Since I'm not a breakfast person.. and as a Chinese we don't eat much bread other meals of the day.. I seldom eat bread in Singapore.. Maybe occasional white bread, butter sugar toast..For others Singaporeans kaya toast is a favourite with soft boil egg.. But for me..I recently swap my some of my carbs including bread to having whole meal bread or multi grain bread most of the times..When I'm sick of slice bread i will even change my breakfast into cold pasta..
But i really miss tasty bread..(*Not slice bread i mean)
If you are wondering what is tasty bread... Tasty bread is bread that is so good that you can eat it without anything.. No butter/ Jam/ Ham or any condiments...
Recently when sweetie was here i decided to bring him for some brunch at Maison Kayser..
Scramble egg set+extra egg+extra bacon
Breakfast set includes Scramble egg and a ''bread type''
Sweetie choose croissant..
Bacon and cheese can be added if you would like...

Baguette with breakfast set was what i choose..
I believe it was really good...
So good that sweetie had second serving..
And ordered a baguette with ham and cheese...

Jambon Fromage $7.48++
Pain Basket aka Bread basket $4.90++
With Jam and butter provided..
If you are skeptical about how good the bread is..
You can get a Pain Basket, it is a combination of different kind of bread..
Two servings is included in the price above..
It was soft and tasty to me that i didn't even put anything on my bread!!
For me this is one of the bakery that i wouldn't mind paying...
The bread can be crazily priced.. But it is totally worth from my point of view..
But i would say if you want a good and daily baked fresh bread...
This is the place to visit..
I read from other reviews that Eclairs and pastries are their forte too..
I'm not sure how good are they since i did not try it..
Some commented about their service and cleanliness...

My point of view..

I wouldn't say there wasn't bread crumbs lying around..Things could be better but at a bakery with fresh bread..Bread crumbs i can accept.. If we can accept hawker centre as clean.. why not some bread crumbs in a bakery? During the two occasions that i was there, i saw staffs sweeping the floors trying to maintain the cleanliness.. Might not be perfect but can be improved...
Staff was attentive to me during my two visits.. They might be running around doing errands or taking orders.. Show your patience especially during lunch time as it could be crowded..Staff occasionally walked around to ''promote'' their speciality..
I felt that many people wants very good service since they feel that they had to pay so much... But my point of view... you are paying for the bread and not the service.. The fact that you visit them is because mainly because their bread/pastries is good and not for their good service..
Of cause, they can definitely improve on the two above...
But for me no matter what i will visit them for their yummy bread..
No matter is it their bread with figs and walnut or tomatoes...
There are so many different type of bread/pastries..
I'm sure there is something you like..
Head there for some HI-Tea..

Want a taste of Europe...
This is the place...
To understand why bread is a HIT in Caucasian countries...
IF you miss bread that u tasted before overseas..
This is the place..

Visit them and let me know what you feel about this bakery...


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